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Ethan Shirley Bio

Ethan Shirley

Kayak: NuCanoe Pursuit

Paddle: Werner Shuna Hooked

PFD: Stohlqueist Keeper

Website/ Social Media:  / @ethan_in_pursuit

Favorite Place to Fish: My favorite place to fish is the Upper Chattahoochee River and Lake Lainer. 

Bio: I am a buyer at Outside World Outfitters as well as the one that runs the Outside World Outfitters Fishing Team. I have been kayak fishing for several years now. I fish out of a NuCanoe for a few reasons. When I am fly fishing I need a kayak that is not only stable but also has a clean surface so that my line does not get caught. I have found the Pursuit to be the best of both worlds. Not only is it an increadibly stable platform to fish from but it paddles like a champ on both flat and moving water, allowing me to do everything that I love from one kayak. The one thing that keeps me going is being one with nature and waiting for the moment when a fish is on. This past year I started entering into a few kayak fishing tournaments. In 2017 I plan to fish 12-15 events. Not only do I love this sport but I also enjoy the like-minded people that I have met and will meet. 

 Jon Hummel's Bio

Jon Hummel

Kayak: Jackson Kayak Coosa HD

Paddle: Werner Cyprus Hooked 

PFD: NRS Chinook

Website/ Social Media:

Favorite Place to Fish: Chattahoochee River- Largemouth, Spots, Shoals... What's not to like?

Bio: Living in Georgia gives me the opportunity to not only chase quality bass, but also multiple species of bass from a kayak. From monster largemouth, chuncky Spots, and hard fighting Shoalies, Georgia is a kayak angler's dream. Most of the year, you will find me chasing bass down the river. From the Chattahoochee to the Etowah, the Flint to the Ocmulgee, we've got some world-class fisheries here.I am also a competitive tournament angler, fishing 10- 12 events each year across several tours. In addition to the fishing team for Outside World Outfitters, I am also on the fishing team for Jackson Kayaks and the pro-staff for Werner Paddles. If you have any questions about any of these companies and their products feel free to reach out to me!


 John Upchurch Bio

 John Upchurch




Website/ Social Media:

Favorite Place to Fish:


 Will Clements Bio

 Will Clements

Kayak: Jackson Kayak Kilroy

Paddle: Werner Shuna Hooked

PFD: Lotus Designs

Favorite Place to Fish: Chattahoochee Watershed

Bio: I love kayak fishing because of how easy and cheap it is to get started, the places I can access from my kayak, and the friends that I have made along the way. 

 Will Yang Bio

 Will Yang

Kayak: Jakson Coosa HD

Paddle: Aquabound Manta Ray Hybrid

PFD: Extrasport Pro Caster

Favorite Place to Fish: Chattahoochee River (Atlanta)

Bio: The reason that I enjoy kayak fishing as much as I do is because it is a lot of fun to make the sport as simple or high-tech as your imagination allows or as affordable or expensive as your budget (or spouse) permits. Because of these factors, kayak fishing is for any and everyone. What are you waiting on? Get out there!

 Thomas Clements Bio

 Thomas Clements

Kayak: Jackson Kayak Kilroy

Paddle: Bending Branches Angler Classic 

PFD: Old-school Lotus 

Website/ Social Media:

Favorite Place to Fish: Flint river... well any river.

Bio: I love kayak fishing because it allows me to explore and venture into extreme and beautiful places that hold monster fish. Kayak fishing also poses challenges that make fishing more interesting and never dull. Instead of having to fill up a bass boat with gas and drive to a big lake and fight a thousand other boats for fishing spots, I just throw my kayak in the truck and head to just about any ole creek in Georgia and catch plenty of big bass. My kayak has given me the ability to fish in some incredible and beautiful places with stealth and simplicity. The kayak fishing community is also a great group of people which makes the experience all the better for me.

 Pat Roddy Bio

 Pat Roddy

Kayak: Jackson Kayak Kilroy LT

Paddle: Werner Camano 

PFD: Astral Ronny Fisher

Website/ Social Media: You can read my review of the Kilroy LT HERE  on Jackson Kayak's website. 

Favorite Place to Fish: Lake Lanier (top to bottom, side to side) and the Chattahoochee River below the dam down to Medlock Bridge are my two favorite places to fish. Not only do both areas give you plenty of species to fish for but are close by, allowing me to go 3-4 times a week! 🙂  5-15 acre farm ponds, off the beaten path, yield fantastic fish sometimes too!

Bio: I am currently in my tenth year fishing from a kayak. A kayak allows me to do several things I couldn’t do if using a boat. No trailers are needed, for one. I can easily use a ceiling trolley to hoist the kayak to the ceiling and still park my truck underneath it in my garage. I can easily get into very ‘skinny' waters where bass boats or charter boats can only dream of going and there are some big fish in shallow waters 😉 I can also paddle very quietly into areas with not only abundant fish but abundant wildlife, allowing me to enjoy them without scaring them away. Going into ‘silent mode’ also allows me to fish in marinas, at night, without attracting any attention. My kayak is also a very stable platform for photography of above board opportunities and also allows me to use an underwater camera for exploring what’s below me and I can also photograph and video fish and other interesting sights below up to 50 feet deep. Kayaking provides me with a great form of low impact exercise and at 66 years old I need all of that I can get! 😉